• Side Mount
    Having the tank on the back has been
    traditional way in recreational diving, now inspired
    by cave diving techniques we have side mount.

This new way of diving offers advantages to the traditional back mount. It is more secure against possible material failures, the probability that two equipment fail at the same time is smaller, and the equipement is much more handy to respond to a failure.

Carrying two tanks placed symmetrically on the sides will improve your tri in all positions since you have distributed the weight optimally, as well you will be more hydrodynamic.
If your gas consumption is high, you can take more gas supply more comfortably and avoid back pain.
Do you find it interesting? Do not wait any longer, evolve and sign up for the side mount specialty course.
The Padi Side mount specialty course have one confined water session and three open water dives.
What will you learn?
Advantages of the system and new procedures for immersion management. How to assemble and properly configure the equipment for you.
How to place the equipment and the ballast system to be perfectly leveled and trimmed in the water.
Manage the gas using the second stages of each tank.
Respond effectively to potential problems when diving with a lateral mounting system.
The price includes:
Complete equipment, with harness, wing and sidemount regulators.
You will need too:
1 passport-size photograph.
Be a Padi Open Water or equivalent.
Medical certificate that you are able to dive.

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